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Which chair fits you?

Textilene fabric
Flat foldable
Comfortable seating

Textilene fabric
Adjustable headrest
Extra compact foldable

Textilene fabric
Water-permeable padding
Ideal seating comfort

3D-mesh fabric
Water-permeable padding
Extended seat
Maximum seating comfort 

Rounded 3D-mesh fabric
Luxury water-permeable padding
Adjustable headrest, extended seat
Ultimate seating comfort


Why choose Crespo?

The most comfortable chair for everyone and for every holiday
European quality
TÜV approved
Optimal comfort, ergonomic designs
Extremely flat and compact foldable
High-grade weather resistant material
Strong lightweight aluminium constructions
All parts are replaceable
Excellent after-sales service



Extended Warranty 

Crespo is the number 1 manufacturer of luxurious camping chairs in Europe. Crespo offers 6 years of extended warranty.


AP-237 Air-Deluxe BEST TESTED!

The AP-237 Air-Deluxe recliner has been tested by an independent AD test panel as the best.

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