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Campingchair - AP-215 Air-Deluxe

€ 114,95
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  • Adjustable chair with padded 3D seat and back cover for maximum sitting comfort
  • Has a 7 position adjustable backrest with ergonomic back, seat and armrests
  • The luxurious padded fabric is fully fitted around the frame, making this a very comfortable chair
  • The chair has an anodised black U-frame for extra stability and strength
  • Very compact to store and easy to carry
Article information:
Consumer price€ 114,95
Product length:64
Product width:64
Product height119
Nett weight:4
Length packing:9
Width packing:64
Height packing:107
Weight packing:4,1
Frame material:Aluminium
Seat height:45
Maximum allowed weight:110
Back rest height:82
Seat depth:38
Seat width:48
Type of series:Air-Deluxe

A lightweight and extra sturdy adjustable chair. This chair provides maximum comfort thanks to its 7 position adjustable backrest and the padded 3D fabric. The comfortable filling of this fabric is highly breathable and does not retain moisture due to the open cell structure. This allows the chair to dry out much faster than those with a traditional foam filling. In addition, the backrest, seat and armrests are ergonomically shaped. The chair has an anodised U-frame for extra stability and strength. When folded, this chair is very compact and easy to carry


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